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Activity Center

Your activity center allows you to see real-time support we do as well as detailed analytics online.

Quick View for What We Do

Security & Speed Optimizations

You manage your website content, we manage your security and updates. With this dashboard, you can view what we have done anytime you want.

We monitor your site health, manage updates and backups, and make sure your website is in perfect operational order.

Maintenance We Do

  • WordPress core and plugin updates
  • Bi-weekly backups
  • Speed & image optimizations
  • Site hardening
  • Blacklist checks
  • User monitoring, safety, and overall security
  • DNS Monitoring + DDOS Support
Security and Speed Optimization dashboard
Real-time analytical reporting dashboard

Real-Time Analytical Reporting

Built Using Google, In Your Dashboard

We provide you with real-time, filterable analytics right from your website dashboard. You can search by months and drill down data. Our reports are easy to view and are human-readable. No need to open Google Analytics, we have it embedded.

Report Types

  • General analytical overview
  • Organic search
  • Keyword research - Google Console & Google Analytics
  • Geographic trends
  • Visitor trends
  • Referral sites

Solid-state Hosting for your speed needs

Super Fast Hosting

We offer hosting that blows the competition away for less. With our hosting we offer SSD speeds (300% faster) than our competition with DDOS protection. We also include CloudFlare for FREE for more protection.

We can only guarantee speeds when you host with our servers. CloudFlare services are options but recommended.

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