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Alert Center

Create a site-wide message that displays in your header so all of your visitors can see your important notices about road closures, weather alerts, and other important messages you need them to see now.

Instant Availability

Add A New Alert, Seen Site-Wide Instantly

Add new new alert to your website and have it seen by your visitors instantly. All alerts have their own page so you can add a title and information about the alert to have your visitors become aware of the alert then read more about it using an embedded link in the alert itself.


  • Turn on / off site-wide from your website settings
  • Fully translatable if needed
  • Individual page created automatically to read more about the alert
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Visible On Entire Website

Alerts Take Precedence & Display Above Header

Quickly get the news out in the most visible place possible, the header of your website. When you add a new alert, your user will see a read box above your header with quick information and a "View Alert" button to read more if needed.

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