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No External Costs for Bidding and Acceptance

Create RFQs and Accept Bids Internally

Self-contained bid and RFQ system gives you flexibility to offer and award bids and RFQ notices in one location.

Easy to Create & Manage

Create Public RFQs and Announce Bid Winners Online

You do not have to pay extra to create RFQs and manage bids ever again. Upload supporting documents, set a start and closing date, and even announce a winner all from one place built in your website administration.


  • Upload documents your visitors can view and download online
  • Create RFQs for a specific department within your organization
  • The bid will not appear until after the start date is achieved
  • Quickly add questions and anwers
  • Select and display winners and even amounts if needed
Bid & RFQ Center Administration
View incomplete RFQs


View complete RFQs and list winners


Award Bids Online

Add New Awards and Make Them Public or Private

You are in control of your RFQ and bidding process. Use our software to dictate start and end dates, document uploads, and questions. Once you are ready simply award a bid or bids and either make it public, show the winning bid amount, or keep it private but turn off new bids.

Once you announce the bid winner or winners, the RFQ will be set to completed and give a message stating a winner or winners have been chosen. You can use this to display multiple winners if needed and you can showcase their names and even the bid amounts if you are required to.

Quick & to the Point

Questions & Answers

Add new questions and answers without needing to send out an addendum. You can add a form for questions easily and add your chosen questions and answers directly to the RFQ page. No more sending out mass emails related to a few questions. Do it in real-time.

Answer questions in real-time for your RFQs directly from your administration

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