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Fully integrated with your event calendar

Document Center & Live Meetings

Upload PDFs of meeting agendas, minutes, and addendums. Fully integrated with your event calendar.

Intuitive Administration

Easy To Add / Edit Meetings & Events

Manage all of your events from one central location. Create a general event, charge a cover price, or make the event a meeting where you can upload documents, agendas, meetings minutes, and even link to a live streaming YouTube video.


  • Selectable / configurable meeting types
  • Add PDF agenda, minutes, & addendums
  • Add links and descriptions to specific pages in uploaded PDFs
  • Link to a live Youtube stream, Embeds video after live is complete
  • Add timestamps to Youtube embeds
Document Center Administration
Document Center Export events

Your Visitors Can Export Events

Export to iCal or Google Calendar

Give your visitors a way to export your events to their own calendars with the click of a button. Regardless of their platform, your visitors can export your events to their calendar and keep track of them the best way they know how.

With our export, you can create an event or meeting far in the future and still have it completely accessible when the time comes to your users.

Visible and Easy to Use Interface

Embedded Videos, Documents, & Filters

Embed multiple document types that are filterable and easy to find using a tabbed interface. Setup your own paging and link directly to key parts of the document.

You can also embed your live meetings directly on your website. Works with YouTube Live and BoxCast.

Livestream embed from Youtube Live
Livestream embed from BoxCast
Document Center Uploaded PDFs and Search

Historical and Upcoming Events In One Place

Fully-Functional Online Document Center

We can give your visitors a filterable document center with upcoming and previous meetings all listed in one place. Easy to search based on dates or meeting types. Icons denote file types that have been embedded.

Document Center Icons Document Center Historical Search and Filters

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